Samba - Windows Plex server conversion to Ubuntu 20.04

I finally have my HL-15. The things is exactly what I needed for noise and HDD capacity. I’m currently using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with houston, however I’m having issues connecting to the storage pools via Samba so that I can finally move Plex media server off my windows machine. I’m trying to use the root storage pool. The intention is to clean up the Plex media folders as I move them as I’m going from multiple drives into one pool. If anyone can point me in the right direction it is greatly appreciated

Houston should detect or tell you if Samba is installed on the system.

It seems you are using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS rather than the pre-built install which ships Rocky Linux.

There is a separate post sharing the detail to get Samba working on the pre-built system

In the thread (which worked for me as I am using Rocky), the cockpit ZFS manager’s settings were changed to reflect what Hutch suggested on the post… As I am not using Ubuntu 20.04, I can not give you the exact details as I don’t know what you have installed/configured on the system.

The key parts is to make sure the Cockpit Manager does not try to add includes as that was a problem with the Rocky system.

Samba does not like the workgroup name being the same as the netbios; these prebuilt machines have the unit’s host name as HL15.

What have you attempted or completed? Or was this post to gather details on how to do it?

I did read the other article without much luck. However as I’m not attached to any given setup, I found a wonderful TrueNas scale guide on levelonetechs forum so I will most likely be using that for ease of setup and play, as I’m doing this as a hobby and have a month to sort things out.
Thank you though for the link.

I am sharing some of the steps I used with the default configuration Rocky Linux and Houston.

I am doing a couple more edits, but the overall gist is within this long reply post.

On this thread I am linking I had initial issues with both Samba and NFS.

This reply is between a highlevel guide and the steps that I used to make everything work.

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