Rear Drive Mounts

Who’s got interesting setups for rear drive mounting?

This is 6x 6.4TB NVME which are about 15mm height mounted with a 3D printed bracket using the four holes 45Drives supplied on the rear (and which seem to take M4 sized screws and heatset inserts).


Nice work! Which 3D printer and filament did you use?

How’s the heat from the CPU heatsink to that bottom nvme?

I’m looking forward to doing something like that eventually as well with 4 drives. There was another 3D print drive mount posted here before but the drives were rotated so they wouldn’t get good airflow. Yours solves that problem.

Bambu Lab X1E and their own ABS filament — so far so good on temperatures, the NVME gets hotter than the CPU cooler by some margin. I don’t think printing one of these in PLA would be a good choice as I think surface contact temperature of the NVME might exceed the glass transition temperature of PLA.

That rear mounting setup is a great use of that void space.
Do you have PN for those SFF-8639 cables with the screw holes on the ends?

They’re MCIO cables from