Re: HL15 User Manual / Rack Rails


I’m running through the User Manual to install the rack rails, as they’re SuperMicro rails on a custom fab chassis, I immediately went to the 45HL provided instructions.

On Page 12, the manual suggests the screws are in the chassis already and should be unscrewed to be reused for the rail guides. However, this is not the case and the spots indicated in the step are empty.

I’m checking the HL15 Hardware bag that was included now, but wanted to bring this up in case it was simply a step missed (understandable, you all are slammed with orders) or if the document requires revision.

Same experience here- fairly sure it is the only set of 6 screws in the accessory bag but it would be helpful if at a minimum the user manual indicated the screw size. Similar thought on the rack ears which are included but not mounted.

Not a huge deal but with different threading on the hardware knowing which bits go where would be super helpful.

Yeah, I forgot to post after, but I figured out the rack ears and matched up the screws the same “check which one has 6 of them” way.

I grabbed some pics of the rack ear install too that I can scribble some labels/steps on if people start asking.

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Just got mine today and these screws weren’t even in the bag of parts. Can you confirm what size they are? I’m just going to go to Home Depot and get some for myself. I’m assuming they are the 10-32 1/4" FH screws?