RAM Options for HL15

I am looking to fill up the ram with 16 GB sticks and was wondering if there was something cheaper that is compatible with the full spec that is more affordable than current store ram.

Anyone find something on eBay that’s good?

Supermicro has already done the leg work for you on this one. Head over to the product page, click on the Recourses button. Then under “Component Options”, click on Tested Memory List. Choose your memory type from the dropdown menu. Then just start plugging the Part Numbers into the Ebay and see if there are any used cheaper options.


I bought 3 kits of this RAM on Ebay getting up to 112 GB for $120.

To add to this, most of the memory manufacturers like Crucial, Samsung, Kingston, etc. all have a memory finder. If you get what specs of Memory you need from the SuperMicro page (or mfg of your MoBo if you brought your own) you can plug those numbers right into the memory finder tool and it will spit out compatible models! Sometimes a company will list specific models which may have been discontinued or deprecated and those tools can help find a suitable replacement!