RAM - Full Build

What Memory is included in the Full Build? The exact model number / Brand, specs, and speed?

Planning to upgrade the RAM from 32GB to 128GB.

That was answered in this comment


Also of note regarding Full build:

Only Intel Xeon x2xx Series (Cascade Lake-SP) processors can use memory modules built with 16Gb density DRAM.

The included full build listed part β€œMTA18ASF2G72PDZ-3G2E1” is a 16Gb density DIMM

Basically, If you are going to swap out the included processor for a 1st gen Skylake be careful of what DIMM modules you install.


Thanks! I will swap for a 2nd gen, so I should be fine. Just ordered 6 * 16GB to add to the 2 * 16GB that my full build will get for a total of 128GB.