Rack rail installation

Hello everyone, I wanted to know if anyone else is in the same situation. I already have a Storinator AV15 with Supermicro rails, but I can’t seem to install them. It’s exactly the same issue as shown in this video.

What is the solution for installing them?
Thank you for your responses.

There should be clearance of at least 15.875mm from front to back along each side of the equipment.

It doesn’t look like the rack in the video has that. I’m not sure if that is bad design, bad manufacturing tolerances, or bad assembly, but the comments on the video attribute it to bad design.

I’d have to disassemble my setup to measure it, but it seems like the thicker area at the front and back of the Supermicro rails are <=15.875mm. My rack (and I suspect most) allow a bit more wiggle room between the posts on the sides of the rack. My post-to-post spacing inside seems more like 19.5 inches than 19 inches. It would be snug, but I think the rails would still fit if it was 19 inches exactly.

The comments on the video say they disassembled the rails, but I’m not sure about doing that. You might just have to use some generic L rails or invest in a better rack.

Those rails just simply look like they aren’t compatible with rack stripping that has fixed position internal strip such as the Penn Elcom model pictured below.

This is a very common style rack strip used in the entertainment industry (for AV racks, etc) but many IT style racks either don’t have this internal strip at all, or its position is adjustable.

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No, but my rack is fine. I already have a Storinator AV15 with the same rails, so the issue is not from my rack. Here are the photos: the rails are too long, while the Storinator fits well.

Whats the rail number on the Stornator that you have? Are the rails the same?

Thanks for clarifying. Length wasn’t really the problem they were having in the video.

The MCP-290-00053-0N rails should easily telescope from 26.5" to 36.5" by just pulling on the ends. Did you buy them new or used? If they won’t telescope, there may be a small set screw that is keeping them from moving.

I assume from the Storinator the rack is deeper than 26.5"?

I don’t think the length is the issue. Looking at the video the rails need to have a notch in them to go around his rack.

If he tries to install the current rails it hits on his rack not allowing him to attach the other side in a straight line.

I’m curious as to what rails are on the Stornator because they look to have the notch in the pictures

I think we’ve all been taken the wrong direction because of the video.

Video is definitely an issue with the rails hitting the side, but seems @ORAGE issue is with length, is that correct?