Rack rail cable management arm

Do we have the model for the cable management arm that goes into the optional rack rails?

MCP-290-00073-0N. It’s made by Supermicro, and I bought all of mine on ShopBLT for $76 each.


Hey @eric.stammen — We have cable management arms available for our Enterprise servers. These will also fit the HL15, as the holes are already there for mounting purposes.

We will make sure to add these to our e-store when it’s live, but in the meantime, if you want them sooner and want to purchase them from us please send an email to @Vikram-45Drives - info@45homelab.com. He can order them for you in the interim.

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Has anyone used these with fiber networking hardware? I wonder if they will damage fiber wires or if you need to put them in a tube or something to protect them. It would really suck to have one get pinched.

Most deployments will probably be using DAC which aren’t as fragile. I’ve definitely run OM3, OM4, OS1 and OS2 through cable managers before into the back of servers, I think entirely without incident. Probably worth observing that most patch cords are going to be bend insensitive fiber.

Should you want a little extra certainty you can inexpensively go to armored patch cable -

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Don’t forget to add to the store.


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Thanks @acp — We’ll make sure we get this added as soon as we can.