Rack organization help with HL-15

I just got my HL-15, racked it and it’s working fantastic. I was hoping you guys could give me suggestions on how to better organize my rack. Picture included.

Things I don’t like/want to improve:

  • Power cable/ethernet cable routing
  • Where to place my non-rack mountable equipment? Should I use a little shelf like it’s shown or put my PSU on the floor next to the rack /repurpose my 1U shelf that bolts to all 4 posts?
  • Where to best place those annoying power bricks?

Thanks for all suggestions!

im fine with everything here except the wiring for the security gateway… cris-crossed wires makin me cringe… but in all honesty, it looks pretty good as is, better than my make shift metrorack shelf “rack”

That’s a good point that’s been overlooked! I’ll fix that and get to organizing the power cables with Velcro on the right side of the rack, and the network cables to the left. I have some spare panduit cable runners too I can stick in between the rail posts

if you have cable internet, then Unifi released a new Cable Modem, lol

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