Question about the HL15 face plate design

Hi everybody and 45HomeLab staff!

I was interested in ordering the HL15 but then noticed that it has a slim face plate. Is there a reason for why 45Drives chose this option? Also is there a way to order my HL15 with a full size faceplate (the same type as in Storinators) that properly covers the rack rails?

All the equipment in my current rack has some sort of plate or piece that extends to cover the rails so it would look really stupid if my HL15 was the only outlier…

The HL15 comes with separate rack ears that screw onto each side extending the face to cover the rails. The reason for this design is that the HL15 can also be used in a tower orientation by/under a desk, which wouldn’t work very well with a faceplate with permanent rack ears.

The ears will match the case color you order (black or white).

Lots of equipment comes with optional ears rather than fixed ones so it can be used in and out of a rack.


Thank you this is good to know!

It’s weird that none of the reviewers have used or shown these separate rack ears despite claiming that they have a production unit.

This has put my OCD filled mind at ease :stuck_out_tongue:

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Damned I was so sure I had watched Wendell’s video… oh how wrong have I been proven :sweat_smile:

Also Jeff Geerling’s 100% ARM NAS video seems to show him install them at the very end…

My utmost apologies for all this!

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