PSU Molex Cables

I noticed in some videos, I see a lot of molex connections being used in the chassis build. For those who purchased the Chassis & Backplane and will be using there own parts. Can we just our use a Modular PSU or will we be needing a PSU with molex connections?

Just checking, don’t wan to start building and missing a piece to finish the build and have to place an order and wait a day or 2 to complete the build.

If you look at the new PSU sent to Techno Tim, on YouTube, I see all molex connections

Reviewing the FAQ it looks like 4 molex connections are needed for connecting to the drive power management board.

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Correct, the power distribution board for the backplane power requires 4 Molex connectors. ideally you would want to use Molex connectors not form the same harness and instead use multiple harnesses from the PSU

@Hutch-45Drives I’m getting the full Build. I would like to switch the included PSU to a Seasonic SnowSilent 1050W 80Plus Platinum ( Will I have to repin anything or it should be a quick swap ? I already have the Seasonic and since I want to swap the CPU to a 195W TDP + adding a GPU (GTX 1060 6G), 750W won’t be enough.


HI @pducharme, If you are using the Seasonic PSU with their provided cables you should be fine. The only time you need to start repinning cables is if you changing the PSU but not the PSU cables as the connector on the PSU could have a different pinout from the Corsair PSU causing some wires to the wrong connections on the PSU connection side.

The other side of the cables would still be the same.

If you want to make sure there is the pinout for the Corsair cables

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Thanks! I’ll try to find the Pin-out for my Seasonic unit and compare.

The best option would be to just use the PSU cables that come with the new PSU and plug in the 4 Molex connectors into the power midplate and not use the harness that comes in the Full build. This way we don’t need to worry about the PSU pinouts because the Seasonic PSU cables will take care of that. the Molex side of the cables is always the same standard

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Good point. I’ll see when I get my Full Build.

Plannded Upgraded :

  • Intel Xeon Platinum 82XX (26c/52t) 195W TDP
  • adding 6 x 16GB RAM DDR4 ECC (the same part no. in the full build)
  • Swapping the PSU for Seasonic Platinum 1050W SnowSilent White
  • (maybe) adding GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (for Plex/emby/Jellyfin hw transcoding --if needed only)
  • 10x Seagate Exos X18 18TB HDD + adding disks I already have (2 x 12TB WD Gold and 3 x 10TB WD Red)

I hope i’ll get my email “Entering Production” this week, since I ordered on Oct.24th. I already received the HDDs, the CPU, and will reuse the PSU and the GPU I already have, and RAM arrives in the next 7 days, so i’ll be ready when I get my full build here :smiley: