Presale for the 45HomeLab Mini PC is starting soon!

We’ve just sent out our newsletter announcing the same, but in case you missed or you’re not subscribed (hint: you should be), we’re going to be launching the presale of our our Mini PC very soon.

This new mini PC will be crafted in North America with the same robust metal construction as our other products. It will offer strength and speed packed in a compact frame. And of course, it will be open-source.

Some of the details are staying under wraps for now, but stay tuned next week for some more exciting updates including system specifications and price. Stay up to date to make sure you’ll be first in line when the presale launches! Details will be released here and on our website when the time comes.


Have a great weekend, everyone.


Mini PC or case? Or will both be an option!

So many questions… I will be patient, I will be patient…

Need some vm clusters, but I cant afford almost anything lol…