Power Supply length?

Any chance we can get a measurement on length of the power supply spot so we can judge what will fit. The Corsair power supply that is included is a 140mm and it already looks like it might be running low on space. Will power supplies that are 170mm or 210mm fit? So could we get a measurement on the FAQ page for power supply?

From the CAD drawing it looks like there is a bit of space left:

Using that CAD software measuring tool I get about 2.49in (63.24mm) more between the Power Supply and the PCB board. Which would mean 170mm would fit, 210 not so much. Keep in mind cables coming out of it too.

I’m not that great with this CAD software though so maybe you can measure a bit better: Onshape

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HI @beldred, I just measured and the distance between the PCB power distribution board and the back of the case is exactly 200mm. Any PSU smaller than that will fit but as @Krushal mentioned be cautious of the cables needing to come out of the PSU


Awesome news :), as I’m using an old 1000w power supply from Corsair at ~180mm front to back which was larger then spec but it fully modular with the ability to flip the power supply around giving a shred more clearance on the bottom of the PSU

What you guys think about this one? I already have it. 1050W, 80+ Platinum.

Seasonic SnowSilent 1050W White

Since I plan on upgrading the CPU to Xeon Platinum 195W TDP and adding a old GTX 1060 6GB for transcoding in PLEX/Jelly/Emby, I think it would be better than use the included 750W, right? I’ll just repurpose the 750W to my Lian Li Test Bench for when I need to test parts or build a new PC and want to test it before putting it in the case.

Oof this one appears to be exactly 200mm.

Does anyone know of a 1500W (ideally) or 1200W (would be tight!) power supply unit which is fully modular and a little more svelte in depth terms?

I went with a Seasonic Vertex GX-1200. Should be 160mm. https://seasonic.com/vertex-gx

According to the Seasonic site you’re only getting one molex power cable with a GX-1200 and it only has three outputs but the HL15 PCB wants four.


Looks like this is also 160mm and comes with a molex power cable with four outputs.

Edit: Both options seem to support 25A on the 5V rail.

Thanks for pointed that out. Since I also buy Seasonic power supplies for all my other builds, and based on their compatibility guide (https://seasonic.com/cable-compatibility), I was planning on using a molex connector from one of my other Seasonic power supplies that are going un-used.

Yes i generally use the same Seasonic PSUs. You saved me some time with the measurements as it appears the only PSU that will fit is the one you pointed out. The other models were too close for comfort and some would simply not work.

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