Possible chassis for EATX board

Hi 45 drives team.

I am interested in getting one of the HL45 cases, but im looking for EATX comparability.

Is there something in the works for this? is it possibly as simple as just dragging the case back a little further and then putting in a couple of extra mounting points to accommodate the board?

I currently have a socket 2011 system, but am looking at changing it to a WRX80 chipset. (both are EATX though) Else, everything about the chassis fits my requirements exactly.

EATX just means “bigger than ATX”. It is used for anything from “just a little deeper than 9.6 inches” up to 13 inches deep. If you are talking about boards that are around 10.5 inches deep, then although not officially supported, they will fit, although front header cables will go under the fans. There are posts here of people putting in various 10.5-inch deep motherboards.

If you are talking about 13-inch deep boards, 45Drives, the enterprise side, will quote you prices for cases with motherboard compartments that deep.

i currently use a Gigabyte X79s UP5 and am looking at going to a Asus wrx80e-sage

I also want to put in some GPUs etc…

I already have an old pod2 with the direct wire upgrade, but that was from a server many moons ago, and have downsized that to just needing the 15 slots, so i dont use it.

but the HL 15 that will fit those boards would be perfect. What are my options on that? perhaps the F8X1 or the AV15?

They dont list mobo size compatability though

See this comment;

I think all their pods are by default sized for ATX boards. My Q30 circa 2014 was also. Their default motherboard at the moment on the enterprise side is an X11SPL. I don’t think a stretch version for HL is anywhere in the works (they are focusing on smaller stuff, not larger). As indicated by the comment though, they should have the ability to make stretch versions of chassis, at least the Q30, probably the AV15 and F8X1, perhaps even the HL15. Unfortunately, it’s not click-and-ship; you’ll need to speak to sales and get a quote.

Your Gigabyte board should fit the HL15. The front position of the 24-pin ATX power might be tight, but I think it would be ok. If you want to use the SATA connectors, you’d need to temporarily shift/remove the mid case fans to plug and unplug the cables. Not at all difficult; just four screws. The Asus board won’t fit.

Are you looking to rack mount, or use the case as a tower? If EEB form factor is a must as well as support for full height graphics cards, and you can’t stomach the 45Drives quote, you may need to look at a used Supermicro case like the CSE-846. Although they come with their own quirks. There are also 2U (CSE-826) and 3U (CSE-836) versions with less drive bays, but you’d be limited to either low-profile cards or passively cooled server-targeted cards like the A4000 that are no taller than a full height PCIe slot. Most of the consumer GPUs have fans and shrouds that make them taller than 3U.

thanks. i will reach out to them and see what transpires.

It will be rack mounted. I have had issues with some other cases where the drives run hot, and like the layout and cooling of the 45 drives design.

But yeah, 15 drives will be plenty for everything i need. I actually have 8 x 3.5 spinners, and 8 SSDs. But the SSDs are easy enough to shoehorn in where needed.

The spinners are connected to a M1015 and work perfectly as expected. The ssds are directly to the mobo. as 4 of them are ZFS Z1 boot pool for proxmox, and the other 4 are ZFS Z1 data storage for some databases. But the spinners, and the storade ssds are passed directly through to truenas and managed there.