PCI Bracket Feedback

Some feedback items I have from working on the PCI mount.

  • The screwdriver cutouts are too small for many bit drivers requiring a skinny socket extension to access properly. Should consider just making the whole area cutout and not having the teeth that get in the way.
  • The screw holes for the 6/32 screws could use a bit of countersinking as getting the screw started the first time is difficult.
  • Many have already mentioned that the punch out style PCI brackets “feels cheap” and swapping PCI cards is common in homelabbing.
  • Many PCI slot covers aren’t compatible because cases have 2 main different designs for the bottom of the cover and the HL15 doesn’t match either. Plus the thickness of the steel makes the Phanteks style 3 toothed bottom cover not fit.
  • Wasn’t an issue for me - but there are more slots and they do not line up with the Supermicro motherboard so you might accidentally punch out the wrong bracket.