Option for 140mm Fans?

I’m loving the design of the HL15 chassis already!, but I would also like it to be as quiet as possible.

If the HL15 chassis has approximate dimensions of 20" x 17" x 7", I’m wondering if it may fit three 140mm Fans, instead of 120mm Fans? Maybe something to consider in the future?

Hi @Diego, Currently the HL15 chassis does not support 140mm fans.

If you are looking to keep things quiet you could get some Noctua Fans.

Here is their website with the breakdown of all the fans they make and their sound levels

Hi Hutch, Thank you for the information on Noctua Fans!

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This is also a lineup of fans that you could drop into the HL15 with listed specs.


What are the “requirements” for that list? The world is your oyster when it comes to 120’s, but the fun happens when you start adding your req’s such as CFM, speed, noise, etc.

I’ve not looked up the performance other than when I was rebuilding my main rig, but I ended up with some of the new Corsair Link’s. Granted, not necessarily for the RGB.

They daisy chain in a really nice way. The fan bodies magnetically attach to one another. Running a cable between groupings of fans is a small Corsair cable that looks like a mini Display Port cable. The hub is tiny!

But my favorite feature by far is that each fan has an individual temp sensor allowing for very granular cooling control! Maybe total overkill or underpowered here, but just wanted to share my anecdote.

Is it October yet?!

Edit to add: @Glitch3dPenguin. I meant to reply to you regarding the list you shared and it instead replied to the original thread! Sorry for the confusion.

Hi @orix, We do not have requirements on the system. being that everyone’s hardware is going to be different it would be difficult for us to have a required/recommended spec for the fans.

I would recommend looking up the wattage of your components and looking up what other people are using in other systems, some people may prefer quiet fans while others want it to be as cool as possible. it all depends on your preference


Thanks Hutch! Sorry, my last post may have been confusing. I was referencing the list the previous person had shared with recommended alternatives, and what requirements that community driven list had.

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