Opening the case

Alright, hope I am missing something obvious… but is there a trick to getting the case cover off?

Loosened the captive thumb screws and I can slide the top back but can’t pull it up. Took a couple of times to get it back all the way on what appear to be studs in the top back, one side is a little lose but still can’t get it off.

The included QR code for the manual is nice but nothing in there either…

The back around the PSU is pushed in a little which makes me wonder if something is misaligned…

Lemme go crack mine open and report back.

Oooooh boy, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning!

Hmmm, so mine slid right back as did yours. The top cover took a little wiggling to get past those studs in the back (had to kind of tilt the top cover to one side as I did so) but it did come right off.

Toss up a pic if you don’t mind regarding the PSU and I can try and get the same angle if it helps compare and contrast!

Got it- thanks! Definitely takes a little more wiggling but once I knew the path it was easier. Real easy once you get to the right point on the studs, hoping that it’s a matter of getting the right feel for the sweet spot.

Yeah, going the full SSD route…

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Here’s a pic where it’s pushed in- hunch is that once a PSU is installed it probably will pull back to square.

Always is. I’ve taken the front panel off 14th and 15th Gen Dells probably about a hundred or so times in the last 3 months alone for some troubleshooting at work. I still fight with it each time.

I see you with your 15x 2.5" adapters… I know what sorcery you’re planning! The orange looks GREAT! Did you print them or order with your HL15? I haven’t gotten around to printing mine, but I may now want to switch up the colors!

Anywho, glad to hear you got it sorted!

Ah, I see what you mean here. This could just be due to how little material is really there when there’s no PSU. Similar to how a PC case side panel gets kinda wobbly when it’s off the case.

I think you’re right that once the PSU is installed it will be a non-issue. If we’re both wrong, well, I have plenty of faith that support will take care of you!

Ordered them, have a stack of S4610s once I get the build done.

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Excellent choice! In the future if you need more, just a note if you’ve not heard. Intel sold their SSD line to SK Hynix who will now be manufacturing them under the Solidigm brand. Just in case you need more/replacements down the line.

I have some S4510’s and S4610’s that have been running in Production for nearly 5 years 24x7!

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I have a few Intel SSDs. This is good to know. I did not hear anything about this yet.

The ball has been rolling for a bit now, but I think we’re finally starting to see it trickle down into homelab as the older stuff dries up. Though my last few ESXi hosts ordered at work still had Intels I believe.