One drive slot won't spin up any drive

Slot 1-4 in my HL15 won’t spin up any disk connected to it. The same disks work in other slots. Drives also slide in a without almost no effort compared to the other slots.

What now? I guess it’s broken and can’t be fixed by me so I’ll e-mail support as well.

Hi @Fossil, please email and we will investigate this issue with you to determine the issue with slot 1-4

I just did. Had my timezones mixed up, thought you guys weren’t in the office yet :slight_smile:

I am talking to Brandon of 45Drives. But I figured I’d post it here too.

Just put in an old 1TB WD Purple in that slot and it spun up and works in TrueNAS. But none of the Exos drives actually spun up in that specific slot.

Very odd.

@Fossil, Is this a full-build system? if so could you swap the 2 HBA cables on the motherboard? this would reverse slots 1-4 and 5-8 but would allow us to see if its an issue with something in the cable/backplane versus something to do with the motherboard or controller.

If you do not have a full build I may suggest the same troubleshooting but with whatever HBA card you used.

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