Noctua NH-P1 passive cooler

I was wondering if the NH-P1 will clear the case with the lid closed. I saw here that the cose will accept 160mm, and the NH-P1 is, without a fan, 158mm.

but does that mean it’ll clear with the lid? that’s my fear about this. I’m planning on doing a quiet (as possible ) server build with a Core i5 to run TrueNAS on it.

Is it 158mm from base to top, or does it include an allowance for a mainboard offset?

You’re going to lose something like 15-20mm in mainboard offsets and in the CPU socket itself.

That is a very “cool” cooler. I thought about giving something like that a try but I was worried that without a shroud and the fans ripping at 100% all the time, it might be hard to run in such an open case like the HL15. If you do go down this route - please come back and share some thermal info!

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I’ll make sure to report back, I’m just gathering information and will post once I start the build process.

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that’s where the uncertainty is.

So I have that cooler and just got my HL15 yesterday.

It does fit. However just barely, I can close the lid, but the lid is bent a little, and when I place my hand on the lid, you can clearly feel where the cooler is. So I would say the clearance is actually 156mm.

The HL15 has 3 metal rods sticking on the back where you are supposed to align the lid to close it and the middle rod is not properly “set” when you try to close it with the NH-P1, however the lid does not pop off or anything.

Thermals are fine. Sitting at 30C at idle. I haven’t stress tested it yet. I am running an AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 5750G with an ASUS ProArt X570-CREATOR WIFI MB.

I wouldn’t recommend placing anything on top of the HL15 if you have the NH-P1 since I am afraid that might bend the motherboard but that is just me.


Hey @AceTrooper,

Sorry to hear about the small bend in your HL15 lid. Please send my colleague, @Vikram-45Drives an email at your convenience ( We’d like to document your occurrence and make sure you are all squared away. Quality is of utmost importance to us, and we want to be certain your HL15 has not been impacted in any way.

Hey Ashley!

Thank you so much for your message.

I’m sorry if my message was misunderstood.

I was referring to the lid bending when closing it while the NH-P1 is installed. This cooler has a height of 158mm while the HL15 has a clearance of 160mm for the CPU cooler. But since the tolerance is so close to the height of the cooler, it barely fits but the lid bends a little bit.

Otherwise there is no problem with the lid. Should I still contact Vikram nonetheless?

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@AceTrooper Now I must apologise for mis-reading haha.

I thought you might have had a bend in your lid from shipping/receipt. Sounds like we’re good in this case (pun not intended). I’m happy to hear there are no issues!

this is very promising but I have taken into consideration this information. my real fear is motherboard flexing to a point where it breaks and Im out a machine temporarily.

I, wholeheartedly, appreciate that input, honestly. I’ll have to seek a different CPU cooler to err on the side of caution to prevent any possible failure

With the lid being flexed if you’re racking the HL15 with something equally deep above it, you’re likely to experience the system above putting pressure on the lid, and that translating as pressure onto the mainboard.

It honestly sounds like this cooler is just too big.