No Room for PCI-E Tails

Got my fully built HL-15 today, and am in the process of adding on extras. I’ve a few PCI cards to get installed, and I’ve noticed that there is absolutely no gap between the back wall of the case and the motherboard for the metal tail of a PCI card to fit into.

I’ve loosened the screws and tried to slide the motherboard back, but there is basically zero room for these screws to slide back.

I’ve installed the cards without their brackets for now, but thats not really an option for a GPU that still needs to go in.

Anyone else having this issue?

This is with me pressing down with the bracket, there isn’t even a millimeter of a gap.

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Read through this post;

It won’t solve your issue directly, but they do seem to have QC issues with the PCIe area spacing on some cases. You can try moving the back of the case as described in one of the comments. I’d email and let them know you are in the group of buyers with these issues. Obviously removing the brackets from the cards is not acceptable.

Yeah, had the same issue. Luckily for me, I loosened all the screws on my Motherboard and pushed it back. After slotting in the GPU I retightened the screws. Seems to work so far, but not ideal for a $2000+ USD system. Hopefully just first batch related items! :upside_down_face:

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@DigitalGarden ahh yup it was in there. There are some silver bolts on same side as the IO shield, looks like the back panel was a little too far in.

Loosened the bolts, pushed it out, and tightened back up, PCI cards fit just fine. They were admittedly a little tighter than usual slotting in, but all is working fine now.

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Just to add to this. 45Drives is aware of the issue and seems to be working on a fix. This is for anyone else that may be stopping here that did not see the older post, but @Vikram-45Drives did drop a reply to the above linked post stating they are aware of the issue and working to fix it.