New to ZFS. How would you break up your pools with 15 drives

So I am super new to ZFS. Currently going from a Synology 6 bay to hopefully a HL15.

I am thinking a pool of 2vdevs of 6 drives in ZFS2 (The main storage pool)
(12 drives)
Followed by a another pool of a pair of mirrored drives for applications (Things on docker eg home assistant). I read there’s concerns about applications being on the same pool as the data.
(2 drives)
1 hot spare.

I’d need to use nvme probably for a mirrored ziil and another drive for the actual OS.
Does that look like I am understanding everything right?

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i saved the 15 bays for myu 3.5 drives (currently 10 x 18tb raidz2) setup as my media storage. 2 x 2.5 ssd for boot using the 2 onboard sata ports. nvme for my apps pool and 4 x 1tb 2.5 ssd for data backup. i’m using the onboard lsi 3008 connected to an adaptec sas expander.

3-wide RAIDZ1 stripes for middle of the road redundancy/speed/space tradeoff.


i currently have 10 18tb in raidz2. boot is 2 240gb ssd raidz1. apps pool is 4 x 1tb ssd in raidz1. I didn’t use the onboard sata. I used a realtek sas expander connected to the onboard lsi 3008 so it covers all 15 drives, my ssd’s that i 3d printed the case mount for and i can add an expansion array at any time.