New to home labbing having trouble with 45D repo and tools

So I have a used storinator loaned to me to practice and learn on.

There was no active partition on the hard drives, so i installed rocky 9.3 via ipmi/kbm over local network.

Only problem now is its throwing errors when I try to install the 45Drives repository and tools.

After reading the documentation on the support site, I’m assuming the repository and Houston are not supported on RockyLinux 9.3, and I would have to downgrade back to Rocky 8 to use them. Is this the case? Its no big deal if it is. I have no problem switching to 8 after i practice zfs thoufh terminal for a bit.

Yes and no. Rocky 8 is what is supported. Rocky 9 should work with the right configuration, but is unsupported as of right now. See;

There are a few posts in the forums about installing the 45Drives software environment from scratch. You might want to find them if you have not. I have not done this, but it sounded like there were some errors in the documentation, although they may have since been corrected.

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That pretty much answered my question. I should have searched first before making this post. Hehe. Thanks DigitalGarden.

No worries. Threads don’t always use the key words you’d expect and search fu is needed anyway. That one won’t come up with “Rocky Linux 9”, for example.