New Planned Build and Power Supply Question

HI All,

Put in my order for a HL15 yesterday. Can’t wait. My secondary home storage server (backup) is failing. So my primary will become my secondary and planning a new build.

12x10TB Enterprise Drives.
Planning on adding 4x2tb sata drives i have here as storage for VMs in the printable bracket.
Epyc 7882, Supermicro H11SSL board and 256gb ram.
2 HBA 3008 cards
Intel X520DA2 (dual)

I also have a NVME card 4x2tb, a 1660 super (for plex vm) and a few other add ons.

Power Supply I have a Corsair RM850 and a HX850 here that I can move from another build. Will I need anything beefier (specifically for the 12 HDD and 4 sata) ? If so any reccommendations?

I also have a CM1250w psu that I can swap out from my HTPC (overkill).

I’ve had issues with previous builds and errors in ZFS when I have added too many drives previously which I can only link to the PSU.


Your 850 watt PSUs will be fine for this build. However if you can target about 60% usage on power supply with your build, you will see the best efficiency. So maybe your higher wattage PSU that you have might be better for the build.