New Mini PC speculations

Interesting turn from 45homelab to create a mini PC. I’m very interested for sure.
What kind of hardware do you guys expect to be released and what would be a bummer for it not to have?

What is going to be differentiator from the dozens of other mini pcs that are already on the market?

I’d love to see a (fanless) mini pc with a decent mgmt interface and possibly with 3,4 m.2 slots.
Socketable CPU would be shocking, but certainly close to impossible.


Where are you seeing information on a mini PC? Was it mentioned on a podcast or in one of the recent videos?

It’d be cool if the mini PC could rack up in 1U of space side by side with a duplicate :smiley:


Had a email teasing a new mini pc today, its going to be interesting if anything like that tiny ssd prototype or it could be something new not seen before.

They also mentioned:

New Fans Spotted in the Lab :eyes:

We’ve been collaborating with Noctua on quieting down the HL15. We are looking to give more fan options to the HL15 at purchase and to expand the homelab store. Coming very soon!


We are currently working on a prototype mini PC as a “stream” box for your TV to be able to stream media from your Plex server or photos from your media server right to your living room.

Currently, the prototype is a fanless design with only 1 M.2 NVMe boot drive as the idea is no onboard storage because it should use your server(HL15) as the storage over your network)

This is in no way any promise of the final design, I’m just sharing a sneak peek as to what currently going on.


Oooh I really should’ve read the email closely. It is very nice having my silent HL15 :slight_smile:


Should be interesting. An upgradable low profile GPU would be great to enable future media decoders and connectivity, i.e. whatever comes after HDMI 2.1.

They’ve been talking about it for a bit during podcasts. Glad to see they’re ramping up the noise about it again!
Pending price, I’d love a bare metal 3 node docker swarm or k(insert number here)s cluster.

Sounds interesting.

One feature I’d like to see on both a miniPC as well as the HL15 are front USB ports that I could connect to a motherboard header.


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If this is made with a focus on Home Theater, that being, passes Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, etc from the server, without the use of the privacy invasive OS like Android, IMO you’d have a home run. HiFi audio codec passing would be a bonus.

The Apple TV has an issue in this regard. The shield works but has Android.

@Hutch-45Drives could we get a pic of the other side too?

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Don’t mind the power button we were doing some testing

Make the powerbutt0n shaped like the fan bezel with the RBG light glow. Oh, that large power button is huge :dotted_line_face:

example, but in blue or white

Kinda running out of week for the announcement? Something coming tomorrow?

It’s Alive!!

Pre-sale started…