Multiple Unit Order

I did the $100 deposit and got the discount code via email — can someone confirm it’ll be possible to order 4-5 units using just that, or is the quantity limited somehow to one per $100 deposit?

Curious about your use-case for multiple units @SpringerSpaniel—if you could share :slight_smile:

I’m simplifying some existing systems which are getting long in the tooth — the HL15 combined with a single-socket AMD Milan or Genoa looks just the ticket.

I already upgraded to 20TB SATA drives in the last year so “have you considered less spindles of larger size” doesn’t work — I’ve got 70x HDD which need a home.

Would be moving from systems based on Haswell/Broadwell and chassis with proprietary fans, power supplies, and mainboards.

It’s probably worth looking at the price and other trade-offs between 5x HL15 against buying 3x Q30 purchased as bare chassis. Guess I’ll email Sales. :thinking:

If you only placed 1 deposit you will only have priority for 1 HL15, some customers purchased multiple deposits for this reason

So if you want to get multiple HL15s I would suggest putting your deposits in now before release to get priority over non-deposit orders


Thanks for the information, much appreciated. :pray:

I snagged a couple extra reservations so I can get priority on 3 units, and I’ll probably hold until after the rush for any additional ones.

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Sorry for necro posting. Saw your post on the FAQ thread.

Sounds like you’re in the same-ish boat as me. I have an aging NAS I built with a Broadwell era Xeon-D board seemingly 800 million years ago, that has been pulling double duty as a VMware server. Proc I’m running is extremely long in the tooth. Want to consolidate that NAS box and my vSAN cluster into a hyper hyper converged cluster (passthrough HDDs to a TrueNAS Scale VM and dump a metric boat load of flash onto the PCIe lanes for vSAN), update my hardware to something that will be supported for a long while and eliminate my crippling RAM limitations that are preventing me from running Tanzu/NSX/etc all in one swipe.

Here’s hoping Hutch comes back with good news for us both.

I’m all set. I ordered three. At this point we’re out of the preorder period so if you want more than one unit then you should just be able to ship an order and then wait a bit for manufacturing and delivery.

This thread was really only about “How do I preorder more than one?”, and @Hutch-45Drives essentially said “place multiple deposits”. I had some minor goofiness with the discount codes which were vended by that process but @Vikram-45Drives sorted that out too. Thanks again 45Drives! <3

Not waiting on any sort of good news now. :slight_smile:

I meant in regards to the MB sizing question that Hutch answered for us in the other thread this morning.

My use case comments were in regards to the first response in the thread and your response to their question.

Do keep us posted on this! (Or at least me) If I fizzle out on using Rocky, mine may join the VMware cluster. So I’d be curious how your setup looks as it requires 3 hosts even in a 2 host config.

Mine will be replacing a 4 node setup that’s already running. I’ve ran a 2 node setup in the past but it’s miserable to patch and doesn’t offer any real redundancy during failure. Min I’d recommend is 3 hosts (certainly for vSAN but even if you are using some sort of other shared storage) but 4 would be preferable. Def willing to answer questions on what that should look like or if you need any help, regardless.

Appreciate it. VMware fortunately is a strong suit of mine, just finished some NSX training classes, and run an 8 node vSAN cluster from 9-5 (and sometimes beyond that). I think my curiosity was piqued thinking I read you were running a 2 node only vSAN cluster, which even the witness node needs some sort of storage.

Hard agree on the 4 minimum, I run between 2 and 4 esxi hosts, depending on what I’ve nuked and paved for the week. But I don’t think my HL15 will be joining the herd as I finally have Rocky running, and boy are the initial tests NICE!