Moving Air: Fan Controller, Fan RGB, ZigBee

How are people approaching their fans in their HL15s? Is anyone routing their case fans through something like a Thermaltake 10-port hub on the way to your mainboard, I don’t think I have enough fan headers otherwise on my BYOM (bring your own mainboard) build?

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Received 18 of the Coolermaster SickleFlow 120 RGB now so ready for that aspect of the build. #OnlyFans in this box from Amazon, and I only paid about $9/ea as there was a good deal on!

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After looking at @technotim’s video on Storinator RGB, I’m going to be trying to do the RGB through a GIDEALED ZigBee 3.0 LED controller with 12V power taken off one of the PSU rails, and then the SickleFlow RGB fans routed into it. I’m thinking about trying to mount it just above the power connections for the HDDs which 45Drives put behind the PSU?

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If you’re customizing your HL15 and not just running the stock fans, what are you doing? Please share!


I’m also looking to do something along this route. Would be interested to hear if anyone else is thinking of trying this as well.

There’s a whole topic about fans on this forum.

I haven’t seen anyone make RGB work nicely yet :slight_smile: I do have the RGB fans installed and the PWM stuff is working but I haven’t yet got RGB to the point it works nicely.