Motherboard fit question

I have a server in a 2U Case with this motherboard:

I’d like to transplant it into an HL15 (or maybe one my Q30s), but the size isn’t one I recognize as ATX or eATX and is listed as 18.79” x 16.84”

Does anyone know if this will fit in an HL15 or Q30?




Absolutely not. At least not in one piece.

Or, “Yes, but you’d have to take out the PSU, fans and backplane.”

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Pity. I can always transplant the CPU, etc.



Does it need to be dual socket? The HL15, and I think also the Q30 (?), only officially take ATX size motherboards. You can sneak in a board that I think some manufacturers call XL, which is about an additional inch in one dimension, but full E-ATX boards won’t fit.

You’re going to have a hard time finding a dual socket ATX board if that’s what you need, even harder when you restrict yourself to one socket type. They exist, usually as workstation boards, but dual socket usually needs E-ATX.

This board appears to be a dual socket ATX LGA 4189;

Actually, no, it doesn’t need to be dual socket, though the motherboard you found that is ATX certainly is an intriguing idea for transplanting the CPU and memory to something that will fit in one of my servers.

I’ll have to spend some time looking at motherboards.

Thank you for your help and the time you spent looking in to this.