Molex connection Board

I see the full build has a molex connection board. Is this your design for connecting power to all the drives in one place? Or is intended for cable management? I’m asking since I’ve seen other vendors not use this method.

Does this board come with all builds?

Molex connection

cables plugged in

Molex connection 2

Thank you!


Hi @Pro-X, You are correct. That is our designed board which delivers power to the backplane.

The idea is you will just need to connect 4 Molex connectors from your PSU to this and that will then handle all the power the backplane for drives.

This is included on all builds of the HL15

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Is the molex board compatible with older POD backplanes? I have a 45Drives v4.0 Pod, and would love to upgrade to a more efficient power supply. Right now I have your 45Drives’ version of the Zippy PSL-6850M.

Hi @SemiColon

Unfortunately, that will not work. The older POD systems do not have backplanes. They are our direct wire design so there is no PCB for the drives. Instead each SATA connection is plugged into the HBA card. Also, the older POD systems would be using a custom power harness which is specially made for the PSU that you have.

There is no way to upgrade, unfortunately. Even our new PSUs have the large Molex connectors, and they are not compatible.

Thank you,

That’s too bad. Would you be willing to share the pinout of the old custom connectors, so that I can potentially design a board to interface with them?

Do you think that 45Drives thought that every bit of media that has been released about the HL15 was going to be analyzed like a forensics lab by the community? Everyone is bleeding with excitement!