Migrating off two QNAPs - recommendations?

Finally got my four bay NAS drives moved over and ZFS’d up!

The Plan: Going to purchase 4-5 more 18-20TBs and cycle out the 10TBs over time.

had a hell of a time getting the network shares setup ala samba, probably took me about 4-5 hours of troubleshooting and tailing logs to get things setup. The included instructions from the pdf manual seem very outdated compared to the guidance I got from this thread: HL15 initial start (preinstalled system) .

I gave up for the night and in the morning the shares started working! so I am unsure which knob was the winner, I think it was:

  • disabling selinux completely
  • disabling firewall (gotta punch the correct holes soon)
  • removing the cockpit configuration from the samba conf file