Marketing Emails from Protocase?

Looks like signing up with 45HomeLab may have put that email into Protocase marketing campaigns? Unfortunately, I am not sure that: (i) I need anything from Protocase or even have knowledge of what Protocase makes that might be interesting as a HL15 customer; (ii) I have an account manager to whom I would be reaching out to even if I did find something interesting!

Protocase is the 45Drives parent company. Regardless I also am getting quite a few e-mails from them. Fun.

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Click the Unsubscribe link?

Easily done. But I wasn’t told I was going to be getting those emails.


I shouldn’t have to unsubscribe? I didn’t consent to receiving communications related to Protocase, unelss I missed some small print somewhere? It’s in fact the reason I bothered to start a thread:

This was surprising and I’d appreciate someone investigating what happened.

Throughout the preorder and to date, the company have been quite clear all along that if you email you may not get help and you need to use addresses. It’s evidently been a journey for them to get receipts and other templates updated to not use references. So receiving marketing from feels weird?

Delivering marketing mail related to “Account Managers” and expensive, enterprise solutions to your customer base in 45HomeLab makes zero sense. There isn’t much or any crossover.

That it went to 45homelab@mydomain really does suggest there is bleed through between systems somewhere and creating an account here resulted in copying and pasting (whether that be manual by someone in Marketing, or something automated by some system). I have vendor-specific email addresses precisely so I can see when this happens, or which vendor got compromised and their account/email database is now being used by bad actors in some way. :slight_smile:


I’ve been meaning to start doing this (vendor-specific email addresses), but I’ve never got around to it. Maybe I’ll start making the effort. :sweat_smile:

The classic:

▫ Receive promotional e-mails and allow 45Drives to share information with it's partners.

was not someting that I saw during account signup. Maybe there was something that I missed but I am normally keeping an eye out for things like this during account signup.

Hi everyone,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are sincerely sorry for any confusion, or apprehension that this mishap has caused.

Please know, and be assured that the personal information collected by 45HomeLab and, by extension, 45Drives is never shared with or sold to third-parties. Protocase is the sister company of both 45Drives and 45HomeLab. All three companies share a database. The cross between mailing lists was a coding error on our end that was not properly updated. We have fixed this oversight on the backend to ensure that it doesn’t continue to happen in the future. And we’ve asked our Communications Department to be more careful when sending mass emails as welll. :wink: Oops. Our bad there.

If you have any concerns at all, we encourage you to email us directly at:


(On the flip-side, please do feel free to email me when you introduce any future 45Homelabs products :wink: )


@geerlingguy Ha! We absolutely will. :slight_smile:

Thanks for clearing that up! You guys rock!

I use independently of Proton Mail, although they were acquired by Proton and I think there’s now a integration option where you don’t have to pay for both? Highly recommend SimpleLogin, it’s much easier than the hacked together setup I had on Mailgun before it was acquired by private equity and then the company/technology went down the toilet.


Yep, second this. Really appreciate the quick response and answer. :heart:


@Glitch3dPenguin, @SpringerSpaniel

Our pleasure. Thank you again for bringing this to our attention so we could sort out & fix ASAP, as well as for your understanding.

Good morning, everyone!

One last update to relay:

Our database team has fixed the issue that occurred yesterday, and moving forward, this will be corrected; however, it’s worth mentioning that if anyone here on this form ever quoted with Protocase, submitted an inquiry, used Protocase Designer, etc. in the past, you may still be receiving emails for that reason. But of course, feel free to unsubscribe at any time.

Similarly, if issues are still presenting for you, once again, please email us at so we can both unsubscribe you successfully and further investigate your specific use case.

Thank you all again for your cooperation and understanding. Oopsie on our part. :woman_facepalming:

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showing again that it’s how you respond to an error that makes the difference.

GJ Ashley


Thanks folks for response and correction. Homelab related emails are welcomed.