Lost and looking for my way home

Currently trying to setup my HL15 and have gotten lost in the weeds trying to find a working solution for my needs and need some tips.
My plan for the server is I need

  • Some kind of RAID solution
  • Samba Shares for my Windows and Apple devices
  • Virtual Machines with good advanced options (like a esxi or proxmox)
  • Jellyfin WITH Nvidia HW Transcode (Preferably in a way that will have direct access
    to whatever pool is made w/o going over some kind of network share (jellyfin doesn’t like using network shares))

My hiccup comes from not knowing a good way to get Jellyfin on Proxmox without a VM or Container, and I have no clue how to use LXC containters as im a docker noob. The Direct connection to the ZFS pool is also pretty important.

Any help would be much appreciated as im currently running Proxmox and trying to run Houston UI on top of it and its being a buggy mess…

Brownie points for whoever can find an easy way to integrate Active Directory into this mess to manage users and permissions for the shares

You can do all you are asking with Truenas.
You can run things as containers (jail in Core or kubernetes in Scale) and run VMs to boot.
You would want to us Scale for the HW transcode.

I run pretty much all you are asking for and more on my Truenas. Just wanting on my HL15 to have a decent case for it


I’ll try it, but I’ve tried it before and absolutely abhorred the permission management as it caused nothing to work right and I gave up on it and went unraid, but unraid has horrible support for advanced vms

I think what im going to do is Proxmox with a Truenas Scale VM with my HBA passed through