Little mod - Repin Molex included in the Full build for a seasonic PSU

Just want to share my experience repining the included 4 x Molex cable that are on the small daughter board that powers the fans/backplane. I did replace the included Corsair RMe 750 by a Seasonic SnowSilent 1050W Titanium and wanted to reuse the properly lenghted custom cables that 45homelab provided in the full build to limit the cable mess inside and also, because i didn’t had 4 individual Molex cables (was using 2 cables with 2 connectors each).

WARNING: Make sure the pinout is correct if you put a different PSU than the included Corsair RMe 750. You can use the reference from the site.

Tools needed : re-Pin tool. This is the one I got. Very good and very sturdy, instead of of the other popular ones that broke after 1st connector…

I also used the following reference to see the current Pin-Out of the Corsair and also the one I need to have for the Seasonic :

Corsair : Corsair® PSU Type 4 Cables Pinout – PC Mods

Seasonic : Seasonic® FOCUS SGX PSU Cables Pinout – PC Mods

After that, I put back the Seasonic PSU and included Molex custom cables (with now the right pin-out).

Other mods : Replacing the included NVMe (Kingston SV200) 1TB by a WD Black SN850X 2TB. Added a EVGA 1060 6GB GPU (for Plex transcoding), put same RAM than the full build but maxed out the slots, for 128GB total.

Upcoming latest mod, waiting on the replacement CPU. My included Bronze Xeon was damaged. 45homelab is sending a new one (that I paid extra to upgrade to Silver 4210).

OS: Running Unraid 6.2.16. I’m supporting Unraid as paid support specialist, so I wanted to test it well on this plateform.


Sounds interesting, would you be able to show a pic of this mod?

Hi! yes I can take a picture, but it will be very similar to the full build internal, except that it will be my seasonic PSU with the original Molex cables. Is this what you would like to see?

i think you have clarified the mod so a picture isn’t strictly necessary, thank you. always nice to see how these have been done and how they turned out though!