Is Homelab planning to release a longer version of the HL15?

I want to know if you guys are planning to release a longer version of the HL15 (maybe like an HL20).

My need: they should be able to fit 20 3.5 drives in the front, on a 4U chassis when put horizontally. I am trying to fit some 4090s and maybe some future proofing if you guys release even longer GPUs (No, I don’t want to remove the fans).

I am not in a hurry so if Homelab plans to make a longer one later this year, I can wait. Please update.

I am in the middle of debating upgrading my homelab and one of my servers is using an old Norco 24 bay chassis. I would love to see something like a HL20 or HL30 get released but like @Pri I am not in a rush to upgrade and willing to wait for the right chassis before upgrading.

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They’ve said they are thinking about a HL8 and HL4 in several threads. There’s zero indication they’re “soon” on a HL30 (much less a HL20 which feels like it’d be more niche).

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It can 5U/6U too I don’t mind.

Depending on what you’re prepared to pay, you could ask for an Q30 chassis quote.

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There seems to be a fair amount of interest in a chassis with a larger build area and more drive bays, but it doesn’t seem to be something 45HL is working on. As others have stated, 45Drives will quote you a price for a bare or custom spec’d Q30, but I don’t think the Q30 has a larger build area, so you won’t get a 4090 in it (could be corrected). The drop-in/trayless drive design is a core feature of the 45Drives pods, so they’re not going to produce a front-loading caddy design.

Adding both a second full row of drives and increasing the build area makes for quite a deep server for a “home” environment, Also when talking about something like “20 drives” one needs to consider how they would be connected. I believe 45Drives eschews SAS Expander designs, so you’re looking at two HBAs, or a 16x HBA and 4x SATA only combination or something.

An interesting thing to consider might be a design that didn’t have a full second row of drives, but instead had eight drives on the right and the left half of the second row area left open for longer graphics cards. It would still be limited to ATX boards, but might be an interesting compromise to keep the chassis length to 26" instead of 29".

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Hi All,

Currently, our focus is on the 4 and 8-bay systems with the thin client put on hold for the moment.

Once we have the 4 and 8 bays out we will then pivot back to the thin client and maybe after that, we will move to a 30bay system.

For now if you need a 30-bay system we do have a Q30 from our enterprise decision 45Drives which you could reach out to to place an order


Am I correct that the motherboard area in a Q30 is about the same as in the HL15? IE, only up to ATX motherboards and 10.5-inch graphics cards? Or will a Q30 support bigger mobos and longer GPUs?

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Yes the standard Q30 does have the same dimensions as the Hl15 but we do have a custom Q30 design that extends the rear of the server allowing bigger motherboards to fit.

You would need to contact sales for more details on this chassis.