IPMI Password (not found)

I just received my HL15 and I am not sure what the IPMI password is. The default password for SuperMicro devices is ADMIN/ADMIN and that’s not working. The documentation says that it should be printed on a white sticker on the side, however I don’t see one. Could it be somewhere else? Otherwise I will document how to reset the IPMI password in the Technical Documentation section.

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Hey Tim. I’m sure you already tried this but I’d expect it to be printed onto the mainboard if it’s like other Supermicro X11 systems that I’ve seen which were manufactured after November 2019.

An example:

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Oh and it looks like someone hit a sorta ‘race condition’ on boards manufactured without stickers but which took firmware that had moved away from ADMIN/ADMIN:

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Thank you! To be honest I did not look at this sticker, my AV15 had it printed on the case and my last SuperMicro board used ADMIN/ADMIN. Thank you so much, this worked!


For reference I was following the HL15 guide. It says:

The login user name will be ADMIN and the default password would be on a white sticker on the side
of the unit.

I feel baller that I’m building my HL15 at the same time as @technotim and @geerlingguy !

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Let’s go! :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:
(sorry so many rockets but needed to meet the 20 char minimum)

Insert gif of “I’ll allow it” hahah: https://media1.tenor.com/images/0213a0da71118df1e88a0e17e6937c6a/tenor.gif?itemid=9328164

I’m jealous of you all @technotim , @geerlingguy, @doodlemania !

I want to get mine so much! but no “in production” email yet.

Here is my personal upgrade plan :

  • Swaping CPU for Xeon Platimum 8272CL 26c/52t. (requires a VRM Mod for supporting, using this procedure : VRM modify ICC_MAX to run high Current/TDP OEM processors | ServeTheHome Forums)
  • Adding 6 x 16GB RAM ECC (for a Total of 128GB)
  • Adding 10 x 18TB Seagate Exos X18
  • Adding 2 x 12TB WD Gold
  • Adding 3 x 10TB WD Red
  • Swaping the PSU for a Seasonic SnowSilent 1050W 80+ Platinum (in White, will match my HL15!)
  • (maybe) Adding a GPU - GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (w/unlocker script to transcode more than 2 feeds)
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oooo - jealous of the WDs!

Looks like a sweet build!

I had a similar issue but found that my “builder” had written the IPMI password on the final page of the build sheet! Just in case anyone stumbles upon this looking for ways to find it without cracking open the chassis.

Achievement unlocked for me in helping you solve a small issue, because I’m really looking forward to your videos on the HL15 soon. They’ll be sooner now you can login! :heart:


HI @technotim, Could you locate the sticker on the side of the unit? It should have the serial number followed by the IPMI password.

X10 Motherboards like the one in your storinator had the default password of ADMIN but with the newer X11 motherboards they all have a unique string of characters so that is why we now print the passwords on the side of the systems

Hutch, I had noticed similar. It looks like the sticker mentioned isn’t actually on the chassis. For me, it was written on the last page of the BOM.

There wasn’t a sticker on the side of the unit, nor was it printed on the BOM. I found it on the OEM sticker from SuperMicro on the motherboard. All good, you may either need to update the docs on where to look, or ensure the sticker is applied when shipping :smile:

Hi @technotim, we are going to look into this issue internally. all systems should have this sticker on them which has the serial number and IPMI password.

I’m glad to hear you were able to find it on the motherboard

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There was no stick on my unit, but the HL-15 - Storage Server User manual does cover the topics.

While the manual can use minor improvements, I can share the current page number and quote which allowed me to get everything working

  • IPMI - Page 61

The login user name will be ADMIN and the default password would be on a white s cker on the side of the unit.

  • Username password / root - page 63

Here you enter the username and password of your server and login to the server for the first me.

The username would be root. The password would 45Dr!ves by default which you can change later.

The user prompt had the username as 45Drives which matched the details on the thicker paper insert. The root password was not present. After I logged in as the user 45Drives, I typed “su” . The command response was that the user was not configured. I had to run “sudo passwd root” to create the root user account.

The picture on page 63 shows Proxmox rather than the Rocky GUI Desktop

Thank you for the feedback, i have notified the team and we have since adjusted the errors your pointed out.

we will be pushing the new version to the HomeLab website soon [45HomeLab]

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Hutch there are much more wrong items within the document itself. I will send you a private message.

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