IPMI Fan treshold afther Fanmod with Noctua

(HL15 full build)
I replaced the Stock fans with NOCTUA NF-P12 redux 1700 PWM 120 mm Fans.
All connected to the FAN 2, Fan3 and Fan 4 ports of the motherboard. The result is superb. Good cooling with very low noise.

Of course I ran in to the fact that the Noctua’s throttlle lower than the IPMI treshold and got the perpetual Ramping up and down. As IPMI thinks there to be a problem an start giving gas only to find out all is ok and ramping down to repeat over and over.

Using ipmitool you can fix this.
ipmitool -I lan -U ADMIN -H sensor thresh FAN2 lower 150 225 300
But afther a reboot those lower limits are gone again.

Does anyone know if those lower settings can be made persistent?

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Hi @hjboven,
I went through a similar effort.

I only had to restart the BMC. Settings have survived reboots and I have no ramping spin-up problems.

are you on a full build?


Afther restarting BMC / IPMI all was good.


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