Idle power consumption

For the full build, without drives, what is the measured idle power consumption in watts?


Hi @jacobnoori, Welcome to the forum. I don’t believe we have those currently but I will get that information for you.

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Thanks! I appreciate your help.

Here are the ratings of the full-build server with a Bronze CPU

Off/standby: 23W
Idle (no drives): 120W
Idle (15x 16TB Seagate Exos HDD): 280W
Load (15x 16TB Seagate Exos HDD, random writes): 350W
Startup (15x 16TB Seagate Exos HDD): 510W


Thank you so much! This is very detailed and helpful! :medal_sports:

Does this limit in any way the compatible CPU upgrade options given the current RM750e power supply?

Hey @pcuci ,

This is the peak of when all 15 HDDs are trying to sping up. once the drives are spinning the power consumption is much less allowing a more powerful CPU to function. they could enable staggered spin up on the RAID to decrease that number so that the drives all don’t sping up at the same time.
And the 16T Seagate drives we have are the most power hungry drives so if they are using smaller drives the power would be less also

Wow, I’d have to assume this is either due to the Corsair PSU, not a knock against them as I’ve always used Corsair and have built at least a dozen PC’s with them. Or I suppose it could be the X11 MoBo.

In comparison to a couple Dell/HPE boxes I have with similar specs, Idle power is between 35-85W even with Disks and OS running. Granted though, these are locked down systems, requiring all parts to be part of the OEM ecosystem. And at most each host is running 4 drives, most on SSD.

So I guess, the lower end of the spectrum in idle is less efficient, but once you start filling this sucker up, it’s unparalleled.

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