How standardized are the railkits from the store? (Supermicro Rail Kit MCP-290-00053-0N)


I was thinking of buying the rail kit from the store and was wondering if they would work with my other server as well and I am not sure how to look this up.

I purchased the hl15 and will install rails. I was hoping that I could buy two and put them on my Rosewill RSV-L4500U. I am just not in this professionally and unsure what I would need to check for. I see holes on the side but is there a standard for the hole layout?

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The rails seem pretty standard. There are reviews on Amazon (the site also sell the same rails)

I have the same rails on a supermicro 2U case as well as the HL-15

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I’m not sure that’s correct. 45Drives just seems to have adopted the Supermicro rails. I think Dell, HP, IBM all use different screw mounting placement to attach the rails to their respective chassis. For the Rosewill case I think you have to either buy the Rosewill rails or a “universal” rail kit. See threads like

If I were OP, I’d buy just the rails for the HL15 and test them on the Rosewill first before installing them on the HL15. If they work then great, buy a second set if you like them. If not, you know you need to look for more specific rails for that chassis brand. Easier than the hassle of trying to return stuff.


I am unsure about how standard they are but they look like they can be used by a lot of different servers. I will say I love them a lot! Super smooth and they work great!


That makes a lot of sense. I was just hoping someone would know so I could pay shipping once. Thanks!

From the back of the rack ear the holes for the rails are at about 43mm, 320mm, and 451mm.

There are a few other screw holes on the rails themselves at roughly 420mm, 610mm and 630mm +/- 3mm each. The hole at 183mm is partially blocked off and I take it not intended to be used (perhaps legacy).


One other option if the Supermicro rails don’t work easily;


Hey Everyone,

Thank you to those who had pitched in already, and for replying to this thread. I also wanted to contribute from our side.

The rails for the HL15 come with adapters. These are also used for our enterprise servers. As @DigitalGarden said, you can use the rails you received with your HL15 on your Rosewill server to test if they work first, then you can make your decision.

I hope this helps, but feel free to reply back to this thread if you need more clarity.,

Thank you,

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