How do I increase speed of transfers/where should I look for bottle necks in speed?

I recently got my HL15 up and running as a data archive/storage server and noticed that my speed is not much 107-110 MB/s and I was wondering is that normal for this server to have that speed if I am running through Cat 5e cables? I know there is a lot to ask and you do not know my network connection, but I am more asking for anyone’s knowledge on if there is a speed restriction built into the HL15 that I should be aware of or is it something in my network I should look at?

There is no speed restriction on the HL15.

Compared to what? The theoretical max of a gigabit ethernet connection is around 116 MB/s once you factor in TCP/IP and SMB overhead and such. You can tweak the frame size and maybe get that to around 123 MB/s.

How you have the ZFS pool configured will be a factor as well as whether we are talking about read performance or write performance. The testing tool also matters. If you want to separate out network performance from disk performance on either end use something like iperf.

If you have the full build you can look into SMB multi-channel or link aggregation.

Depending on the quality of your cabling, your cat5e may be able to support higher speeds than 1 Gbe over shorter distances. You could look at testing 10 Gbe in your network pretty cheaply if the client(s) you want more speed to will support it. Or many laptops and motherboards come with 2.5 Gbe as default now also. You might need to upgrade your switch.

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110MB/s sound like the limit of gigabit connections.

1024mbps / 8 bits = 128MB/s but there is network packet overhead. Best I’ve seen with gigabit is 112MB/s

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I agree with the others. Sounds like you’re hitting the max speed of a 1Gbe connection. The HL15 can definitely do more but you’ll need the end-to-end equipment to support 2.5, 5, or 10Gbe networking.

Okay, gotcha! This is great! for some reason, I thought I was under speed so this is good to know! I might try 2.5 or 5 later on down the road but I will have to upgrade equipment in between. Thanks everyone!

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