Houston UI returns ZFS not found

The Houston UI returns a page with content of “Not Found” when ZFS is clicked.Has anyone else come across this error/message?

Everything appears to be in working order from the command line.

  • mod probe zfs returns error free
  • zfs is version 2.1.15-1
  • Rocky kernel is 4.180-513.18.1.el8_9.x86-64
  • modules appear to be loading correctly.

Any ideas?

I think the “Not Found” is referring to the module in cockpit and not ZFS itself. Can you check if the cockpit-zfs-manager package is still installed?

It is:

Think I should remove and re-install?

Removed and installed cockpit-ZFS-manager. Had to install samba as well. ZFS page is now displaying but not all the drives are recognized/shown. Small steps…

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Progress is good! I found installing the cockpit-storage module was good for helping troubleshoot missing drives.

HI @tmpearsall, If you run “lsblk” are all drives being shown?

Where are the drives not being detected, in the ZFS tab when trying to make a pool?

If so this could be because of the alising of the server and if drives are not aliased they will not show up if you are trying to use the aliasing to make the pool

Hi @rymandle05, they were not showing up on the ZFS tab. I think it was because the drives were members of a previous pool. Storaged did detected. As there was not “real” data on drives I booted off of a live drive (USB) and removed the existing partitions. Drives are now being displayed on the ZFS tab, so I should be good to go.

Next step is to create new pools. Deciding between 3drives/raidz1 or 6drives/raidz2. Drives are 8TB.

I was wondering if that was the case. I was able to remove the partitions through the Cockpit Storage module without the need of live distro. Either way, you’re moving along now. :+1:

I also had the same dilemma as you with the Z1 or Z2 layout with 8TB drives. I ended up going Z2 knowing I could add a few SSD’s \ NVME’s as special vdev’s to help boost performance later.

I created the first pool as 3 drives/RaidZ1 - which still has almost double the capacity of the drobo I am currently using. I’ll probably create a RaidZ2 pool for the SSDs (6x4TB) as they will be used for Samba home directories and time machine backups. Hadn’t thought of adding more NVMEs. Think there are 3 free slots on the expansion card. And there are 3 empty drive bays.

Guess I have to get into video production in order to use the storage capacity.