Houston/Samba and MacOS

Has anyone successfully configured Samba using the Houston UI on a zfs pool? if so, please share a copy of the configuration. And, if you are connecting from MacOS, the connection string?

Thanks in advance.


hi @tmpearsall,
Yes I have been able to get a ZFS pool configured from the houston UI.

Make sure you create and configure filesystem from within ZFS module, Then go to File sharing module and add the shares (testparm -s will list your shares from the command line).

The biggest issue seems to be with user/group permissions, so double check those.

Thanks. Will give that a try in the morning ET.

Have you been able to access the share from a Mac using “Connect to Server” via smb? I think my issue is caused by a misconfigured/non-conformant connection string.

I don’t have my hackintosh VM running.

Did you check this setting under the file sharing section?

connection string should look something like this: (change IP address and share name as needed)

I was able to connect to the Samba share. Spent a few hours dealing with Samba security. Decided to take the path of least resistance and install TrueNAS Scale. Bummer.

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I’m surprised actually that you had more permission issues in Houston than you did in TrueNAS. I’ve always had a hard time wrapping my head around their permissions. Maybe because it was mostly done during the beginning of TN Scale.

I haven’t gotten to permissions in TrueNAS - thanks for the heads up!

The final straw for me was syncing between the Houston UI and smb.conf.

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TrueNAS permissions is why I left and went with Houston.

If you’re inclined to try Houston again, I’d be happy to walk through the SMB config with you.

The hangup that I found easy to overlook in the documentation is that you need to go to “Identities” not “User Accounts” to set a samba password for each user to make it work.

10 hours in to using Houston I am very pleased. The WebUI is not as refined as TrueNAS, but everything else is far more straightforward. I felt like TrueNAS took 8 different pages of config to get a samba share going that had opaque and poor access control.

I do not have a Houston supported motherboard or HBA so those specific plugins are inoperative at the moment.

So far I’m thunderously happy with Houston.


With some help from youtube I was able to get the permission (to what I believe is) correct. I do have a HBA motherboard so miss the Houston UI. Considering trying it again. Will keep you posted.

:point_up_2: This took me longer than I care to admit to figure out.

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It’s not mentioned in the File Sharing documentation but in the “How to Create linux user with identities”

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