HL8 and HL4 timeline

I know you’re in the middle of producing all the HL15s that were ordered and from what I’ve seen of reviews, etc you’ve got a pretty slick piece of hardware.

Was listening to the interview on Self hosted Podcast and heard mention of a 8 and 4 drive unit. The 15 drive unit is way overkill but I think an 8 bay unit would be perfect for my needs.

Any rough ideas on timelines for smaller HL8 and HL4 (guessing the naming convention will be consistent)? If there’s no timeline I’ll just keep my eyes out here for updates.


There were a few people talking about that in this post as well.

Hi @mrclark, Yes we will be working on a HL8 and HL4 (names yet to be determined) but we are super busy with the store and getting the HL15 servers produced.

We are also creating a “thin client” which will be a work client that you can use at your desk or in your living room, allowing you to mount your storage from the HL15 and stream it to your TV.

This is where our RnD team is currently busy designing in hopes of having it released before Christmas

I believe after that we will start working on the HL8 and HL4


Would the thinclient be a good candidate for a pfsense build? Looking to build something that can support 2.5 Gbps fiber connectivity

That should be a great work case. The intention is the thin client will have 2.5G NIC card built into it.

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Another great market would be industrial PC for using RDP in the production line to some production app.

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That feels a lot more geared towards 45Drives as it’s a production/enterprise offering.

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