HL45 CPU Options in Order

Did I miss something about CPU selection ?

In all the options available - it doesnt mention CPU, I can do RAM and MotherBoard but I am definitely confused.

And if I am doing the motherboard and fully tested model - am I still in need of selecting data cables?

That I am not sure where to start…

CPU is non-selectable which, from memory, is the same thing they do on their commercial line.

The cables in the full build can’t be selected because they are included.

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I did not see (or expect) any cpu options during the order process. Maybe later once the storefront is up and running?
I’m guessing they felt the Xeon bronze 3204 was adequate for a basic homelab server and a few containers. I plan on swapping in a used first generation Xeon from Ebay. They’re dirt cheap, just watch all those pins.

Regarding data cables, sounds like they’re included with full build: