HL15 Updates & Revisions/versions

It might be a good idea to have a dedicated thread that not only can be used to highlight changes and updates to the HL15 (and possibly threads for other products as the need arises in the future) but also a place to show the various version and the differences between them for down the road. such as the changes to the PCI-E slot covers and the updated fan options and also any changes in hardware on the HL15 in the other purchasing options like the HL15 - Chassis, Backplane & PSU and the HL15 - Fully Built & Burned In.


It’s funny… I was just looking around on here to see if there has been any update to the PCI area on the HL15. Last I heard there was some update going on.

It is now actual covers instead of the break away pieces. I assume that is what you are referring to.