HL15 Release Design

I really like the look of the HL15 in TechnoTim’s video here:

Will there be any changes for the release?


We love this video from Tim also!

To answer your question, @Expenses8508: There won’t be any major changes to the design.

Thanks, good to hear! No “major changes” makes me think there will be tweaks and I’m curious if there will be minor ones. I’m really mainly curious if you guys identified small things that you’ll improve for the release.

Can we remove the front panel for painting somewhat easily? or even better, an option to custom order a new front panel with a custom print for a fee? (like way down the road)



What’s the word on the SSD caddies?

Will they be available in the order page?

Capacity, 4 bay, 6 bay, 8 bay?

Would they include a backplane?

Mounting position and component considerations? Like if you install the 8x2.5 SSD tray you can only use a Micro or Mini MB.

Hey @ZVeguillaCotto

Happy to provide some clarification here.

SSDs will be available on the order page. The caddies adapt a 2.5" SSD drive to the form-factor of a 3.5" drive. This allows it to be used in the chassis instead of a hard drive.

See the two attached pictures for reference. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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Will the STLs be released so we can print our own caddies?


How big is that back exhaust area above the Rear IO? is there enough space to fit a 120mm radiator? it would be nice, it one could fit, to have the mounting holes for it, but i assmue it would be too late for that?

I was talking about this one:

But you already mentioned it here.

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@pxpunx We have uploaded the STL files to our Printables account. Here is the link to the caddy design.



Hey @ZVeguillaCotto

We got you! The STL for this has also been uploaded to our Printables account. You can find it here:



Hey @Lavavex,

The server has been designed to provide optimal airflow for the server when all hard drive bays are occupied and under load.

To answer your next question:

There is not enough room to mount a 120mm radiator. With that said, we’re iterating on these designs in the future and we will take this into consideration. The fun thing is though! If there is an option to have a rear plate that does fit further down the road, you will be able to modify without having to buy an whole new chassis. :slightly_smiling_face:

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ok, good to know.
if anyone is interested in a NZXT 120mm AIO lmk (lol i kid)

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@Ashley-45Drives, do these multi-SSD caddies accommodate 15mm SSDs?

Hi @nick, The SSD caddies only hold 1 SSD at a time and will adapt a 2.5" SSD to a 3.5" HDD slot.

There is an option for 7mm(standard) and 15mm SSD caddies depending on your SSD size.

Thanks, @Hutch-45Drives. I intended to ask which size SSDs the SSD mounting brackets supported.

Those would support the standard 7mm SSD. The 15mm SSDs would be too thick to fit in this bracket.