HL15 Rails Options

I see when buying the chassis they supply two options for rails so that the hl15 can to be mounted in a cabinet. I would like to know the differences between the two rails?

Rail Kit
Supermicro Rail Kit


Rail Kit - Short
Rails extend up to 27"


It’s the length or depth of the server rack that they are going to be mounted in.

In the store page for the rails they explain how deep they are designed to fit in. For example the Normal Rail Kit will mount in a rack up to 36.4 inches deep. The short kit will mount in a rack with a depth up to 27 inches.

Strange how the short kit cost more. Also why are the prices different on each product pages of the rails then an addition to purchase the hl15??

Supply and demand and supply chain. There are many examples in economics where pricing makes no sense, see for example medicine or airfares. You may be able to purchase the short rails new for less elsewhere, but they’re currently out of stock direct from Supermicro.

Probably because 45HL has free shipping to NA. So, if you purchase the rails with the HL15 the additional shipping cost to 45HL is minimal. If you purchase them as its own purchase, the cost has to cover shipping.