HL15 Mods show-off

Show off the mods you did to your HL15 chassis.

I’ll start:
The first mod I did is adding PWM support to the power / fan cables.
It was super simple: All I had to do is solder a wire to the spare pin on every fan header and then join them into a single fan header.
Note: I didn’t unplug the power cable from the backplane as the molex connectors are inner really good and i decided it’s not worth the fight, i can solder it while it’s still connected.

This is how it looks after the soldering job was done:

And this is how it looks after it was installed back to the chassis.


I don’t have any mods to share but thats neat, I have to think about whether I’m willing to go this far

I have a month till I move and have more space, but right now the fans are too loud for my apartment which is a shame because they are perfect for keep the disks and everything cool

Reserecting an old post here because the concept is fantastic, but connecting pin 3 on the stock fans would be the tach (rpm speed) sensor, not pwm control.

You could reterminate replacement PWM based (4pin) fans to have PWM on Pin 3, but you’d still need to pass one of the fans Tach signal through to the motherboard for it to manage target RPM correctly.

@balika011, did you end up going this far down the fan mod rabbit hole?

You are right, they are indeed meant to be the RPM Speed sensor pin.
I ordered some Noctua fans with PWM and I’ll remove the RPM signal and put on the 3 pin connectors. This isn’t standard, obviously, but saves me a lot of work.