HL15 metal type for boreing modifications

I’m thinking of using the HL15 also as a low cost prototype platform for our JBoF/JBoD/JBoGPU dev cluster, to the 45drives guys:

  • Is the chassis aluminum or steel and how thick is the material? (Thinking what we need to drill and cut new holes and mounting points)
  • Would it be possible at some point to order additional drive brackets and backplanes to shove in the chassis to make is a disk shelf?


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Hi @bryan, the HL15 chassis would be 16G cold roll steel and we will be selling additional backplanes in the store in the future. I’m not sure about the drive cages but if there is a need for them or if you want to make a special order in the future it may be something we can do.

the main issue I see is that the HL15 would not have the additional standoffs for the backplanes to mount to for the additional rows. but if you wanted to fabricate and edit the chassis then you will need to make new standoffs to make this work.