HL15 Full Build Fan Swap Questions

I just received my full build and I am looking to do a full fan swap…it’s just a little too loud to be in my office when trying to do work, have calls, etc. I am looking to pretty much copy Original Post. I wish 45HomeLab just had a Noctua option, but I digress.

I have a few questions for those of you who have already done the swaps to make sure I am purchasing the fans/accessories to make this a one time surgery (for now) on the HL15.

Proposed Shopping List

  • 6 x Noctua NFP-12 redux-1700 PWM fans
  • 3 x Noctua NA-IS1-12 Sx2, Inlet Side Spacers for 120mm Fans (For further reduced noise coming through the front grills)


  • Can I just plug these fans right into the motherboard headers, or do I need a fan controller/cable splitters?

Post Install IPMI/BCM RPM Fix

Post install I would execute the commands in the article Jeff Geerling wrote with the ipmitool to lower the fan RPMs the BCM is expecting. Jeff Geerling’s Fan Fix

Is that all there is to it? Am I missing anything?

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That seems fine. There are enough discrete fan headers on the motherboard, but splitter or daisy chain cables might help cable management. When you undo the OEM fans from the PDU there will be some fan header pigtails. You will want to put some electrical tape on each one before tucking it away. Or do something more destructive (which I wouldn’t recommend).

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I just followed Jeff Geerling’s youtube video and his parts list. For the internal case fans they use PWM from my motherboard header. For the front panel case fans I just used the low noise adapter cable that comes with the fans.

Very happy with the sound level as compared to before now.


If you are using the full build with the supermicro board, you will need to set ipmi sensor thresh like Jeff mentions in his post.

If a fan reads as critical, the motherboard increases the rpm of all fans to compensate, which would then clear the critical and repeat. (Ie fans were ramping up and down non stop)
I just set the critical level to the lowest speed noctua fans are rated for, which for those fans should be 450.