HL15 full build - Do I need to add a TPM to install Windows 11

This may be a silly question, but has anyone installed Windows 11 on a fully built HL15? I see in the motherboard manual there is a header for a TPM. Did you need to purchase a TPM to install Windows 11, if so, which one?

(I’ve read there are ways to work around Windows 11 installation requirement for a TPM but would prefer not to do that.)

Thank you.


I have not installed Windows 11, but my understanding from the FAQs on SuperMicros web site is that you will need a TPM in that header in order to install Windows 11 if you don’t want to alter the install. The manual refers you to another PDF that lists the recommended parts;


The work-around seems to be a registry entry, so I wouldn’t consider it a hack. It’s obviously a setting recognized by the installer, but just not exposed through the GUI install process.

Do you really need to run Windows on the bare metal? A lot of people still needing to run desktop Windows are moving to running it in a VM. Among other things that would give you a virtual TPM.

It looked like a header-only situation to me, too.

In one instance I do want to be able to run W11 on metal in a system set up for booting to multiple OSes. (At least until I get around to learning enough about Proxmox to potentially switch to that.)

Good to know that VMs provide a virtual TPM, though.