HL15 Full Build CPU Upgrade

I’m looking at a CPU upgrade for the HL15. It comes with a Supermicro X11SPH motherboard which means LGA3647, as you likely already know.

Any suggestions on a CPU for this board? i found a xeon gold 6154 with 18c/36t @3ghz/turbo3.7ghz for $220 on ebay. That’s my front runner so far. I found the included CPU, a Xeon Bronze 3204, to be a little slower than I’d like for VM work.

Any others worth a look?

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I upgraded to a Xeon Silver 4210. I didn’t really look at the golds unfortunately, but I think the 10 core 20 threads should be enough? Double check the max size RAM sticks you can use with that gold processor, I feel like first gen ones couldn’t do 16GB DIMMS but I think I only saw that in passing on one forum post.

For me at least, it’s less about the number of cores/threads above a certain number (let’s say 10) and things like cache and clock speed start to matter more.

There’s a tasty auction for a Silver 4210 for $125 right now. Worth a look.

i remove the heatsink. The CPU is stucked under it. How to remove it so I can put a newer/befier CPU? I want to NOT break the black plastic tray that is under it!

For $25 more, the 4214 seems to be a nice bump in performance.

That indeed for about $150 seems to be a nice sweet spot.

I got talking to a buddy earlier and now I’m considering an Epyc rome mobo, with 256gb ram and a gajillion pcie lanes for 10x the price instead. #homelablife

hi @pducharme ,
That is normal. Look on the black plastic cover for the word “breaker”. You can insert a plastic pry tool and work it around to remove the tray.

thanks. I managed to removed it. The Bronze CPU factory installed is damaged (but was working). the side had a big dent. that is before I touch it at all. Doesn’t seem right…

Hi @pducharme, please reach out to info@45homelab.com so we can investigate this CPU damage.

Hi Hutch, I’ll reach out today.

Thread hijack much?! Have some decorum!

Anywho, the Epyc based builds seem to be about $1-1.5k depending on which eBay auction you look at and they seem pretty incredible for the price.

Epyc has pcie lanes for days and there are 5x 16x pcie 4.0 slots for starters on these boards. The super micro h12 platform is what I’m looking at.

Then again, I may still just replace the cpu in the full build config for $150 and save the epyc upgrade for the new year.

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+1 to the silver 4214. Got myself one and I’m gonna test it out.

It seems like the best price/perf at the lowest wattage they offer these (85w).