HL15 FTW & Intro

Hello Homelabbers! I am a proud owner of an HL15. My name is Steve, I am from Columbus, Ohio and I am not only a Homelabber, I also have worked in IT for the last 29 years. I’m a huge fan of 45Drives, I have deployed a good number in my production environments.
1.2 Petabytes unformatted in an XL60 for attention :wink:

To keep on top of the latest hardware and software trends, I have been running some form of homelab and home server for the last 24 years.
My sloppy rack :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

My HL15 has gone through a number of iterations from running Proxmox to TrueNAS Scale.

I’ve upgraded the RAM to 192GB, I’ve added an additional HBA, I’ve swapped out the 15x 6TB spinning rust to 20x 2TB flash, and I upgraded the PSU to 1000W.

My HL15 is currently providing iSCSI, NFS, and SMB services to my network.



Welcome to the forum.

Great looking rack.